Thursday, July 7, 2005

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-Photos by Chris Mackie
Summer magic: Scott Ertl (left) and Fun Magic Camp attendee Reed Stahl (right)
perform an illusion during a magic show at Unity Church.

Young Magicians put on a show

Youngsters in Scott Ertl's Fun Magic Camp put on a show last Friday at Unity Church of Winston-Salem.
The show was the culmination of a week-long session in which campers learned various magic tricks including how to produce a can of soda from a hankerchief, how to restore a string that has been cut in half, how to make coins appear from thin air and how to float a card in mid-air.
Fun Magic Camp 2005 offered three sessions which ran June 20-24, June 27-July 1 and July 4-8. There were two sessions each week, one for ages 8-11 and the other for ages 8-15.
The first and second sessions are designed for first-year campers to learn the basics of performing magic. The third session is reserved exclusively for returning campers. Ertl has over 300 tricks in his repertoire, so all returning campers are able to learn new illusions.
Ertl, a guidance counselor at Marvin Ward Elementary School, started Fun Magic Camp in 2000. He ran a magic camp in New York for five years and used to work in a circus, where he performed magic, comedy and juggling.
The main focus of the camp is teaching children to create and perform.
Ertl also offers an apprenticeship program for experienced campers who want to assist in the beginner's sessions. Apprentices must have attended camp for at least two years and be at least 14.

Scott Ertl and a volunteer from the audience perform a card trick. This is the fifth year that Ertl has offered the Fun Magic Camp in Winston-Salem.